Do you really make my phone ring?
Yes. We target mobile users while they are searching specific goods or services that are applicable to your business.

Why not just buy clicks to my website?
The end goal of any business is to acquire new customers, which translates into revenue. You can buy clicks to your website, but how many of those clicks are buying your product or service. Isn’t a call more valuable to your business? You get to pitch them and tell them why your company stands out!

Do I need a website in order to advertise?
No. Since we are generating calls to your business, there is no reason to send them to your website. However, please note that a website does add credibility and helps to improve customer confidence in your product or service.

What am I paying for?
We charge our clients for an “initialized call”. The consumer has responded to your ad, clicks the call link and initiates the phone call. That is the point where you are charged.

Does every initialized call translate into an actual phone call?
No, there is always some fall off. The user might click to initialize the call, but not follow through for whatever reason. This is no different than a user who clicks on a search ad and hits the back button or quickly departs the website.

How do you ensure quality?
All of our traffic is rigorously tested. We do a lot of internal testing to ensure that the ratios are strong from initialize calls to actual calls. We also have the latest fraud fighting filters to ensure that we block any questionable traffic before it ever gets to our advertisers.

How can I bid upon initialized calls?
Advertiser provide us with a keyword list. Bidding on keywords starts as low as $0.10 per initialized call. It is an open-bidding platform, so the top bids will typically win the initialized call, but the floor starts at $0.10.

How can I get started?
Getting started is easy. Visit our sign-up page and complete the form. Advertise Today

ClickThe click occurs when a user clicks on the link in your ad.
Day PartingThe ability to automatically disable your ad during certain days of the week or hours of the day.
Geo-targetingThe ability to target a specific country, state, city or zip code.
ImpressionA single instance of your ad being displayed.
Initiated CallThis occurs on the click. The call is initiated for the user to connect or to cancel.